Saturday, September 2, 2017

Uta no Prince-Sama Love Legend Star x Animate Cafe Collaboration Part 1


Are you doing great?

I've been thinking of a lot of things. Like, what am I going to do with this life of mine. Is it vital? Will I become an important person in the future? Will I succeed? A lot of questions weigh me down, and I just don't know what to do. Anime is fun, and I'm finding great success. But, there's gotta be more than this. I want to pursue this but also know that at the same time, so many grander things are waiting for me. So I want to discover these things. My brother has been asking me about what I want to do, and I don't know... I never thought I'd ever have to question these things. That's how I feel right now. It's like a state of blandness, and I'm searching... but under all that, I also know that... I will find what I'm looking for. Does that make sense?

For the past few months, I've been distancing myself. Unsure of what the future holds. I desperately wanted to figure out the path to a certain feeling... has HC's success hindered me from seeing what matters most? I want to constantly be the best, but in the pile of orders, I've lost a part of myself from working too much. 

But I still want to ask, what's going to make me happy, satisfied.

It seems I still have a lot to learn about life.

Today, I wanted to share photographs of the UtaPri cafe! 

I wasn't able to procure any extra stocks because we sold out! I'll work harder next time!

I still have yet to dabble into this series full time because I've been so busy. I think I'm going to marathon it from now on. The boys look very handsome. I think Tokiya or Syo is going to be my favorite, above all the others. They just look so appealing to me. 

I feel really blessed to be able to do this. I'm afraid of the day that I will take anything for granted. To be so blessed and honoured to experience such things... I never want to lose sight of the fact that I am granted them. No matter how hard I work, I also understand that a lot of people will never be able to experience this, so I want to keep perspective. Never reaching too high, never feeling better than 'this is a job'. 

Here are photographs the cafe: