Friday, November 10, 2017

B-Project x Animate Cafe Kitchen Car

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

How is everyone? I feel like my reality has changed into something so much better. So much more exciting the very moment November came in. I don't know about you... but knowing that 2017 is about to end makes me pumped up to ensure that I make the most out of it! In such a short amount of time, I was able to turn my life around into something completely exciting and enjoyable. I don't know about you, certainly. 

But join me in making 2017 the best year ever! Then next year, we can also do the same.

I also joined a gym and am now taking charge of what I eat. This is a huge step into the future I want. (Because let's face it, no one's going to to go me if I'm a sickly doctor, right?) Alright, okay! I'm really excited and pumped up for some reason. I don't know where this sudden hit of inspiration came from... but I'll do my best. As always.

Basically, I managed to return to Japan again in August before classes started and... I still made it just in time for Part 2 of the B-Project x Animate Cafe collaboration. I was able to visit in May-June for the Cafe Shop collaboration! (Where they were in the Muteki*Dangerous outfits!) I was really pleased and did my best to join in!

Animate Cafe's Kitchen Car is at Ikebukuro in front of the huge Animate Store so it wasn't as difficult to find as the other branches! Also, you can only order drinks which is a bit sad. I wish they would add buns or sweet treats that you can easily eat while walking around.

Lining-up~ THE BOYS!

Getting closer...

You can just pick out the merch you want in front of you! (There's a limit though... Hah...)

Aren't they just the cutest? I'm so glad I own all of them! <3

The menu! At this point, I ordered Needle No. 6 for THRIVE! (Of course!)


Close-up~ Isn't it just the cutest? It was a refreshing berry drink! Perfect for a stroll out and going shopping!

I ended up getting my handsome husband Kento, of course! We're meant to be after all!