Saturday, December 9, 2017

Star-Myu x Animate Cafe!

How nostalgic.

It's funny how a whole part of our life just goes back into the full circle. A few years back, one of my first cafes (ever) was the Star-Myu x Adores cafe collaboration. I didn't know how to enter Animate cafes then. I used to be giddy at the thought that I was even allowed in as most of the time, I would read about people not getting a slot and whatnot. These days, I more or less get to the cafes I want to visit. Actually, I get to go anywhere I want without resistance--- a far cry from where I was in 2015. Things are easier for me right now.

When we're at a point of starting out, such things simply never occur to us. We think that we are incapable of doing so. Some people choose to throw in the towel. And there are feisty people like me that just refuses to give-up. When I think about this year ending and that I will be returning to Tokyo in a few weeks, I constantly remind myself of how far I've come. Certainly, HC is not an Animate store. But it was definitely better than it was a year ago. I never expected such blessings to come into my life. With such blessings though, I've also experienced tribulations from stress and the pressure of doing things perfectly. I have yet to come to terms with them, however, I am trying.

No matter what happens, I plan on continuing and giving my all. I'm blessed to have my family, friends and my team to come and support me. It's been a joyous year! I cannot express my gratitude in words... because they cannot be contained in a single word. Gratitude doesn't even begin to describe how blessed and thankful I am.

Thank you!

So let's get to the photos, shall we? I know that's what y'all are here for anyway, haha!

I'm certainly one of the luckiest persons in the world. Most of the cafes I want to visit hit the dates I travel to Tokyo. Does God want me to take you guys with me? It seems like He does. 

Thank you so much for supporting HC. I know I say how grateful I am a lot, but I do mean it. I wish nothing but the best for you.