Sunday, January 14, 2018

Prince of Tennis ~DREAM PARTY~ Collaboration at J-World!

How are my baby chicks?

I would like to apologize for my long absence. December was a crazy good month. I absolutely loved the entire time I spent with my family and cousins. I think it was amazing because I grew up and checked a lot of items off my personal achievement list. To begin with, I purchased my first ever luxury bag. It started one of many but I am so happy that I used my own money 100%. Slowly, my dreams are beginning to manifest. I couldn't be any more thankful to God for blessing me so much. At times, it all feels like it could be a dream.

In a few days, I'll be in Tokyo. And when I think about my life, I've grown-up so much when it comes to traveling. Being in Japan often has taught me a lot about how to be independent and care for others. As I'm with my Mom, she cannot fully accomplish anything by herself in a sense that it's no longer her job to do certain things. For example, to cook breakfast. We don't have maids in Tokyo, so I have to be the one to do the grocery shopping or at the very least buy coffee and bentos at Family Mart or 7/11. It's easy to just rely on your Mom or your maids, but at my age... that's already shameful beyond belief.

January so far has been amazing... and it's only the 13th so far. I've changed a lot of my diet. I've moved on to a Keto-based diet as well as working out daily, doing lifts and running. I've lost 5 pounds so far! At the very least that holiday weight has been shed off, and I'm motivated to do a lot more!

One thing that startled me, at least... was the death of an old friend Sir Wency. To this day, I'm still frazzled at what had occurred. He supported me during a difficult time in early 2015. When I went to visit him with my cousin on the 3rd, his daughter in law informed me of his passing. Until now, I'm unsettled at the news. The last time I visited him was early 2016. I kept on thinking to myself, perhaps, if I visited more often... I would have had no regrets. I would always have this tug in me that said... I should visit. But, I didn't want to be a bother. It's very heavy and it still weighs me down. His daughter in law told me that I was the last person who visited him of whom was very close to him. It saddens me that this was the case. She even told me that he would often tell her that in case he was gone, to tell me that he was always praying for me. That on its own is such a pure form of love considering... that though we're friends, I am but a stranger. I'm so glad to have met him, so the least of what I can do is to succeed in all my endeavors.

Anyway, I didn't mean to sadden anyone. Let's move onto the J-World post!

Thank you so much for still sticking around with me.

Let's do our best this year as well!