Saturday, March 31, 2018

Kekkai Sessen / Blood Blockade x Animate Cafe Collaboration!

The internet is a magical warp hole.

And, I've been sucked in. The past few days, I've been watching this series called Nightmare Neighbours from the UK. I never knew that it was possible for neighbours to act that way towards each other! In one episode, this man decides to release a bunch of rats in his neighbours garden and it was really the nastiest thing. I keep on telling my friends (as a joke) that if any of them annoy me, I'll release a bunch of rats in their room and they laugh... yes, laugh, so you won't expect it when I actually do it all y'all. *shifty eyes*

Kana and I were having a conversation the other day, and we spoke about fears. Of course, there's the typical, "I'm afraid to fail." or "I'm afraid of death." and instinctively, I told her that I had this emptiness in my heart. And she was like, "me, too". I guess that's the only thing lingering. You're bound to have those days, I guess. I think I'm just genuinely stressed? I don't know. I try not to dwell on these emotions too much and continue on.

In any case, yay! I finally managed to push this Blood Blockade x Animate Cafe entry!

Truthfully, I recall this day. I spent the previous night playing around Akihabara and ended up going back home late. The next morning, I woke-up feeling extremely tired around 9 AM still desperate for some rest. In my head, I debated whether or not I would push through with the cafe. Certainly, plenty of orders had to be catered. I ended up rushing and quite late. Still, at this point, I'm glad I ended up going because it opened a lot of opportunities for me.

I know most of you came for the pictures, so here ya go!

The cafe was pretty packed considering it was a Thursday morning that I got a slot. I didn't expect this series to have a pretty big clout! When I got to the cafe, I was still in a daze. My hair was still partially wet, and I wasn't sure what was going on. When I got seated, I felt relieved that I made it just in time!

Compared to other cafes, the menu only had 2 meals and 2 desserts.

The food was definitely substandard even for a cafe! To remind everyone, this isn't a hit against the series. But if you're going to serve people a toasted pita and try to turn into a pizza and overprice the hell out of it, I might as well say so. It kinda feels like a whole new low for an anime cafe. I understand I could have ordered something else, but the fact that it even exists bothers the hell out of me. It was morning... and there was no way in hell I was gonna order a dessert.

I learned a thing or two about branding from this cafe. ;;;

With that said, I did enjoy the Halloween theme for the cafe. Granted... it didn't apply to their food, at all.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and look through this blog entry!

Have a blessed holy week, Filipinos!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Code:Realize Cafe Collaboration at Princess Cafe!

Hello, hello!

If you're reading this, I may or may not be in Tokyo. In any case, my next trip is scheduled for May-June so I'm pretty stoked already! There are plenty of things to be grateful for, and I want to keep that mindset as much as possible. I'm blessed to be in this position. I'm happy to be alive. I'm grateful for the things and people I have. The circumstances that I want are on their way to me. God's favour is mine. I repeat these things daily in my head. And when I look back, the things I asked God for end up being mine.

In any case, I'm back to pushing out entries after 2 months of not doing so. I need to find the strength to be able to do them! Let's do this!

Now, for this entry, we'll need to go back to a time machine for me to recall everything that happened! I believe this was last October, if I'm not mistaken? ;;; Yes, I'm pretty sure it was! *nods, nods*

It was a breezy Autumn afternoon, and I told my Mom that I desperately wanted to go to the Princess Cafe. It's different from my typical cafes as I often go to either Adores, The Guest and of course my ultimate favorite: Animate. I didn't know where this cafe was or if there were reservations, to begin with. So I pushed my luck (there was heavy construction!) and just randomly went. Naturally, it took my Mom plenty of convincing as she didn't like it when I would go to places that we weren't familiar with. I understand she's getting to that age, okay!!! I really tried to go there effortlessly.

... And that I did!

When we got to the cafe, I was extremely overwhelmed! They really went for it at the cafe! Everything was well-decorated to the brim!

The pictures should be able to speak for themselves here:



Let's move onto the food!

The food was quite expensive! This small amount for 1000 yen! Jesus, Mary, Joseph!!! It's basically a small serving of risotto and some corn soup! Heaven, help me! If it wasn't for my fandoms, then I really, really wouldn't be spending this much if at all! (Oh, and there was a small serving of parmesan cheese. BUT THAT'S WAAAAAY BESIDE THE POINT.)

Black coffee with biscuits. Van's dish, apparently... I mean, clearly---! 

Of course, I ordered my Darling Impey's strawberry drink! THIS WAS WORTH IT. NO I AM NOT BIASED OKAY. //coughs

I hope y'all enjoyed this entry! <3 God bless!