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Q: Where can I contact you?
A: Here! I apologise if I seem impersonal for not giving out my email! I prefer to keep things strictly business. Just a note: I'm busy with academics and business so unless it's a high priority message, I may take some time to reply! Please give me 3-5 days to respond in those cases.

Q: *insert personal question*

A: Hello! Please understand that I do not answer personal questions for the sake of privacy. Thank you very much. :-)

Q: Why are you often in Japan? / How often are you in Japan?
A: I'm in Japan every 3-5 times a year depending on my schedule. I can't stay for too long as I'm still studying, and I have to help out our family's businesses. I have to work on HC's cafes, too!

Q: What program / presets do you use for your photos?
A: I use VSCO, and the presets depend on my mood. I love the entire C-Series though! I also experiment with different apps like Pic Tap Go or Colour Story.

Q: What camera / laptop do you use?
A: Most of my photos are from my white Samsung NX3000. It's cheap yet reliable so I haven't had the heart to upgrade. (Though I do own a Canon 5D Mark III for Photography purposes.) I currently use the latest Gold MacBook.

Q: How did you get a domain?
A: GoDaddy!

Q: Who creates the illustrations on your blog?
A: The lovely Kris!

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